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22 March 2013

Starting a business in a recession

Although current economic conditions are extremely challenging, there are still many opportunities available. This doesn’t just apply to accountants but to anyone willing to have a go.

22 March 2013

6 things a company director in Ireland should know

Under the Companies Acts 1963-2012, every company is are required to file documents with the CRO (Companies Registrations office). This summary of the six things that every company director should be aware of in respect of filing these documents.

24 September 2010

The key to drafting a business plan

A well presented business plan is the key to success for your venture, whether or not it's a new business. It's a document that describes what you intend to do and how you plan to do it. There is no need to produce an extremely lengthy and detailed document - a short and to-the-point document is more likely to be read. It is also important to tailor your business plan according to the needs of the reader e.g. bankers, accountants, investors, etc.